this ends here.

October 9, 2014

many a tale ends midway

this may be just another one

if i were to stay

i would die with life

if i were to die

i would leave a verse

of discontent.



October 7, 2014

something burns a light

constant rays filling my breath

from afar his presence i can feel

to his shadow i kneel

in a cradle my conscience

beats like a butterfly’s wings

i know he can hear me

his scent melts into mine

an entity in me hath risen

i know i can defeat

my ugly self if

his hand would hold mine.

Flipping Coins.

October 4, 2014

the image alters

in sudden ways

something dies

in endless disgrace

yet the birth of a moment

in the glimpse of an eye

i can never forget

that flipping coin

that mirror that reflected

an inverted me

such possibility an error had

as if the world were a myriad room

full of surprises

in a minimalist rhyme

calling me out to fulfill my dream

making me realize

something that hath always been there

yet i failed, all along, to see.


October 2, 2014

what festivities lie for one?

the feeling of being lost in a crowd

is a pleasant pain, yet a painful pleasure at once

everything clear to eyes

although the heart in darkness melt

its easier to listen and forget

not being bound to earth

such light feet i have

since no one can clasp my body

to their selfishness

i understand this state though

i am forcibly moving myself

in search of a desire

that might overwhelm me

more than all desires

ever known to me

and if i were to find the light

the tunnel may not seem long

and the journey would have been

worth the trial.

thin skin.

August 28, 2014

in drops sliding
a mist slowly sets
a shy existence of nature
a form of innocence
as the sun boldly upholds
his burning head
the daughters of water
slowly melt
upon the uncaressed
undiscovered skin of earth
fantasy kisses byes
to reality
a beautiful voice
of soft chime, entangled with
the noise of life coming alive
all greens burn with orange rays
lending a painful pleasure
to eyes that open
their lenses blinded by
shifting flames.


August 25, 2014

they lead to mornings
or to nights
if continued on
to places unknown
a path to discovering oneself
a road can be a journey by itself
its existence cutting across time
such a powerful being
that silently guides
a lost heart.

masks worn well.

August 23, 2014

i heard laughter
coming my way from
the table to my side
i could not believe
i could not share the smile
the dazzle that’s scattered
all across this room
i can not even breathe
i cannot free myself from this gloom
tied down in ways more than one
a desire to escape builds
i have not been friends with these
why am i here with them
suffocating to the best of my capacities
just to please
a passing eye
i laugh and look away
at a distant side
i am alone in this crowd
i can hear not my own voice
although my face distorts
in the drought of silence.

beautiful child.

August 17, 2014

a soft face
such pearl like eyes
the tenderness of a gaze
any heart would fill with love
looking at you
my beautiful child
wherever my feet walk
my mind will wander to you
thinking of how you are doing
remembering your smile
i can live longer by an inch
if i can be lost in thoughts
of you.

standing behind a glass.

August 16, 2014

a wall transparent
hides my voice
my face can be seen
in all its ugliness
at the other side
my actions, my reactions
all sorts of expressions might
well be conveyed like crystal rays
to eyes on the other side
and yet if i were to say
something really deep
full of my heart
perhaps it will never be conveyed
for the wall i stand behind
is made of glass
millions of specs
joined as one
just to expose myself
without much meaning
or a choice.

to speak of.

August 16, 2014

darkness cannot begin
to speak of the state of mind
i am currently in

this drawing influence
of unknown upon myself
where the heart heads to
without being led

the concerns that corner
a little flinch and shrug
constantly moving through shadows
a memory so desolate

to speak of oneself
in such isolated terms
its hard to be the one saying it
its hard to be the one experiencing it.


August 15, 2014

standing where the world ends, a tear waits
even dry winds cannot dry this pain
that stands the test of time, of life
a soul so gripped in itself
the drop can neither be left to fall
nor drunk
only hope can preserve this sphere of self
in the darkness of cosmic unconscious
and while those feet scorch in heat
who knows where this journey might end.

experience vein.

August 14, 2014

tips of fingers
playing a mourn
a heart, a soul
the stirring of another
desperation’s calls
one can hear the rustling
leaves parting way to
an unknown world
such softness, such rhythm
feet entwined can no longer stop
their destiny to be led
a soul’s entanglement
to an unfamiliar voice
it must be completed
the ritual’s all there is now
while still…


August 13, 2014

such darkness
where is this light burning
in the middle of despair
someone still holds
a shivering lamp.


August 13, 2014

in the deep forest of night
a moonless sky weeps
i can hear depths cry
the sky bleed
its tears forming an
ocean in me so vast
i yearn in the middle
of a mysterious mesh
so tangled my fate in these
creepy arms lie
i can’t run, and
i can never fight.


August 13, 2014

skin deep sheet
of passion’s wine
the spills of last night
the window seems far
a floor darker than abyss
i close my eyes
lie down, open arms
to invisibility, feel a pinch
my heart’s place
ripped and
robbed of sensitivities
who am i still?

old things.

August 13, 2014

keep me close to you

’cause you have time

time’s carvations upon your face

ignite the passion in my heart

i want to save you more

save you for longer

and keep you safe from

the tides of change and

degradation of

this unsightly world.

by the next rain.

August 13, 2014

i keep thinking what you might say
by the next rain where we shall be
the future perplexes my heart
i feel thrilled to be seen in it.

keep walking.

August 13, 2014

to keep my promise

i draw a long road

longer than most

my exhaustion might

never overcome the burdens

that have been placed

on my coward shoulders

like a rat panicking

to find a way

like many others

i try to escape

in pain, in despair

still holding on to

a simple dream

freedom awaits

at the end

of this maze.


August 12, 2014

so tread feet

among realm’s increase

as focus narrows

a road extends

alive like paper rolls

an endless path ahead

upon time’s deformed face

a disturbing vision

stands firmly rooted

in the middle of

a perfect delusion.